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A product we created after years of practice, research, and testing of different products
for time management, productivity improvement, usability, and eco-friendliness.
Made by professionals for professionals

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My Erasable & Eco Planner (Idea cover), size A5, 60 pages + Marker


Pages can be reused as they are fully erasable

Quickly erase anything you don't need anymore (you can also take a photo before) with the back of the marker, a dry or wet handkerchief.

8 different pages- daily planner, weekly planner, monthly planner, creativity game, white pages, dotted, grid and lines. We got you fully covered for all your needs.


Reorder all your pages quickly and easily. It is your content!

Language independent. We've left all fields and categories blank, so you can write them in any language you want. Why limit you?

Add or remove pages to your liking. Only carry the ones you need. Covers can also be changed.
Really fun and interactive to use.

Your Planner, Your Content

Planning, prioritization and control of time, engagement, reservations, budget, travel,
ideas, business meetings, appointments, shopping, training routines and many more

Eco, Eco, Eco!

One of our main goals is to save trees by introducing reusable pages. Using Erasable Planner can save hundreds of paper pages.

Creativity Game

We've included an erasasble creativity game which you can always play when you feel you're blocked and out of ideas.

This is your notebook and your content - you can write, erase, and reorder the pages to your liking and needs. Only your imagination and creativity are the limits.

and drawing

Learn quickly and efficiently

Learning a new language? Why not change the whole planner's language?

Take notes of everything you believe is important and then keep only what you really need.

Easily share information with other people with our reusable pages.

We at Gamifinno Ltd. love nature and everything related to it. Our wellbeing, lifestyle, and the future of our children depend on the "health" of the environment. It is our duty to protect it and in order to do so, we need to change our relationship with it and be more aware of the damage we've caused over the years. That's why we developed My Planner. This is our way to contribute to the protection of Mother Nature, stopping deforestation and reducing climate change.

There is a new, unique, environmentally friendly, and creative way to learn and take notes. It is an outstanding gift for your employees, partners, and customers that is convenient and environmentally friendly.


Dr. Plamen Ivanov

Plamen holds a PhD degree in Computer Science and is an enterprise entrepreneur, innovator and trainer who loves nature, science and challenges. He likes to combine gamification with other creative techniques and methodologies to achieve innovative solutions and products that could improve people’s lives while studying or working.

Zdravko Botushanov
Zdravko is an entrepreneur, speaker and international trainer in the IT sphere with a passion for gamification. One key factor why his trainings receives the highest ratings is that he applies gamification and makes them more interactive and engaging to the audience. His dream is to improve the lives of millions of people by changing business and education for the better.


We first launched our erasable notebooks and planners in Bulgaria, where we won the Green Innovation of the Year award for 2020 and the Small Businesses Innovation Award for 2021. Ever since then, we’ve had the pleasure to make multiple TV, radio appearances that have allowed us to share the story behind our planners. We also got featured in Forbes Bulgaria. We are excited to start this new chapter for our company and to be able to help every single one of you to unleash and explore your creativity, be more organised and save the environment, all with the use of one single planner that will last you a lifetime.

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