Frequently Asked Questions

How do I erase what I’ve written?

You can erase from the planner with the back of the marker a dry or wet wipe some of our customers told us they use their sleeves 🙂

How do I reorder the pages?

You can simply reorder the pages of your planner by pulling the page and stacking it-in a new place you can see this in action in the video on the main page.

How many pages are in a planner?

The planners have 60 pages by default.

How big are the planners?

A planner’s size is 148 x 210 or 5.8 x 8.3 inch (Standard A5 paper size)

Does it smudge?

No, because Correctable Dry erase markers ink dries very quickly.   It takes up to 3-4 seconds for ink to dry. Once ink is dry, you can safely place your hands on content or close the book and it will not smudge. In areas where humidity is low and average temperatures are higher, ink will dry quicker, in other areas it may be slightly slower.

Is there a marker included?

Yes every planner comes with a marker you can order additional markers or a refill station if you wish.

What kind of markers supported?

Notebook works with various whiteboard markers, dry erase markers, non-permanent markers. However, to achieve best results we suggest to use Dry erase Correctable markers available in our store.

Where do you ship?

We ship to the whole European Union, UK and Switzerland.

Do you make branded planners?

Yes, we can create a branded planners with custom covers.

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